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02-26-77 I Grateful Dead 1st Terrapin, 1st Estimated
Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino, CA

Terrapin, Minglewood, TLEO, Estimated, Sugaree, Mama Tried, Deal, Playin > Wheel > Playin

... Bilbo
ed donohue passed away in 2004 from cancer....a seet human being and beautiful shirts
THANKS FOR THIS SITE so wonderful inspiration move me brightly...
It's great to be able to listen to all this wonderful music . . . Thanks!
This is just a "MASTER PEACE" what a "peace" of history for all of "head kind".....Eddie N.C.
77 was a good year. the best without Pigpen.
I was at this show. Got to the gates a couple of days before they opened the show. Was a very small venue and always loved seeing the Dead there. They played Santa Barbara after this show. When they broke out Terrapin we were all in shock. Over the years people have argued that this wasn't the first Terrapin and I look at them and say"I was there". Some gallon jug of liquid refreshments were there to partake. You could walk right up to the stage so easily and we were totally in delight when these songs were played. I remember a 17 year old kid there in San Bernadino listening to the fellers cook. I often say to my friends about this show it was a magical event. At 48 years old this is the first time I have heard it. Goose Bumps on my arms and it is not even finished with Terrapin. The guy's were so happy with the new material. Jerry had that smile that you didn't see in the later years. Plus the Travis Bean what a great sound. He really dug that guitar. I tried playing one on a little tour and it was so damn heavy. I don't know how hw did it. Travis Bean showroom was in a little music shop in I think Montclaire, N.J. Getting back to the pint at hand I can't believe this show exist on tape. We couldn't find it back in the day. It is a beautiful slingshot of music that I am so lucky to fall upon.Also wearing a tye die was not accepted and te Dead hadn't really been hip to ALOT of people so the clicks were discriminated alot. The Estimated is so quick. We are talking 30 years since I have heard this show. Stopped seeing the Dead in the very early 80,s the magic seemed to be gone. Lot's of freebasing was going on at the time and the tour just wierd. There used to be a guy making tye Dye's shirts named Ed Donahue, eastcoast guy, is he still around does anyone know. Walk in Peace and Dance with Joy, Michael Powel Saint Petersburg, FL.
This show has been mentioned as one of the great ones! I was 15 years old maybe my 10th or 11th show. Over 244 shows later still one of my favorites, The Swing was like an old barn, incredible place for a show, As the years pass Terrapin and Estimated grew to be 2 of my fav's! Great memories of great shows! Mad Dog Now in Denver
Sweet set. Jerry hits scales that are sonic architecture. Always that little more than you expected, you realize you've been out on a solid strata of music and you gasp and your heart bursts. About as full of nuance that you could be. 'Prophet' is sublime, 'Sugaree' is tender love and the jam on 'Playin' the guy says here, they didn't do that after the 70's. Far out! Pok
one of the best shows iv ever heard!!! and for the mistakes, thats what maked the dead the dead. its nice to know that they are actually people and make mistakes.
Keith is really hittin that ragtime playing on TLEO. Brent was tight but Keith had that real laidback groove always going on.
The only Terrapin where they played the "While you were gone, these spaces filled with darkness..." section of the song was at the Winterland 3/18/77. I've only heard it a couple of times and don't think they even did the vocals for this part but I'm not sure. The performances of Terrapin and Estimated here are very good considering it's the first time played. Just a few months after this show (which in '77 means only about 5 shows later) they were stretching out the jams at the end of these songs a lot more.
You can't say the Dead got better they were always great and this show is a perfect example, over time they evolved. dorncrook
This was one of the first Dead shows I ever attended--I remember their sound being crystal clear--The Swing had awesome accoustics I saw them there twice--to bad it burned down. Thanks for posting this great show! DQ
well, great set! as far as technical "mistakes", that's part of the dead experience...i never once faulted J for singing off-key, playing out of tune, or forgetting the words...this is the Dead, for Pete's sake... drug-addled, f'd up, and the greatest band of all time! get a clue, techno-nazi's, and just enjoy the show! peace, :)
This is a great show. I have a tape of it and after terrapin I think there is supposed to be Alhambra, I think it may have gotten cut off. Hey it happens
That is such a cool show. Thank you.
thank you!!!!!!!!
Beautiful!!! any deadhead would love to own a copy of this show
Mama Tried is sick! - The Boss
Great show but PLEASE someone tell Jerry to tune his guitar on Deal. Of course, once he hits that solo break, all is forgiven.
Great show. Standout Mama Tried. Love it!
the people at this show must've had no idea what was coming...
I think its virtually impossible to find a performance of Terrapin Station where they play it all the way through. On the album it was done beautifully but I suppose that its not an easy suite to do live given the sound effects on the track. But, given the fact that the dead haven't always been good at studio albums Terrapin Station stands alone as the best studio album they ever did, period.
This is one of the all-time best shows that everyone must have. The jam in Playin is 2nd to none and was not the type of jam that was done during the 80s or 90s.
02-26-77 I Grateful Dead 1st Terrapin, 1st Estimated
Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino, CA

Terrapin, Minglewood, TLEO, Estimated, Sugaree, Mama Tried, Deal, Playin > Wheel > Playin

... Bilbo

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