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07-28-84 II Jerry Garcia Band
Keystone Palo Alto
Palo Alto, CA

Cats Under The Stars, Like A Road, Tore Up, Gomorrah > Midnight Moonlight

Wow... stumbled upon this show looking for a hot version of Cats Under the Stars and while my search is not over, this one does not disappoint! I hadn't listened to many 80's JGB shows at all and this is blowing me away. Like A Road is very heartfelt and the way Jerry's guitar sings during the jam is incredible. My eyes have been opened to 80's JGB. Thank you for running such a great site!
wow- i was AT this show, and have been looking for it for like... 25 years! it was considered Jerry's B-day show, and after, i somehow ended up leaning on his Sadie7 limo, and fuck if he didn't walk right up, open the door, and i just said 'happy birthday, jer',,, and he just said 'thanks, man' and got in the car. this show rocked, because it was in such a small

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