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02-29-80 Late Show Jerry Garcia Band with Robert Hunter
Calderone, Hempstead, NY

How Sweet It Is, Masterpiece, Russian Lullaby, Harder They Come, Tiger Rose (*), Promontory Rider (*), Dear Prudence, Midnight Moonlight

(*) With Robert Hunter

Thanks for being on point and on tagret!
Hey Bilbo Thanks for posting this set.Haven't heard this show!a Big Hunter Fan....I wonder whats the word on him? haven't heard anything from him on his archive.know he's helped write for Jim Lauderdale and Dylan,but have not found a word on him...Not even Dead Net!Hope the ol Boy still is with us,Personally I feel the Grateful Dead would of never lasted as long as they did if it weren't for his magic words. I really Thank You for keeping this site up,if I wasn't so poor I'd give ya some coins...but those cats that sell incense at the airport are doing way better than I am at the time,maybe someday,somehow,someway! Happy New Year to You and yours... Your Dogchild ROCKS...Never trust people who don't Love dogchildren. Anton PromontoryRyder

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